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Web Consultancy

Creating time and profit for your business through the magic of geekery


What I Do

I create cost-effective web & mobile solutions that will save you time, increase productivity and increase profits.

Bespoke Software

Developing bespoke solutions to meet your business needs, including data management & insights, automating repetitive procedures, integrating systems & innovation to disrupt your market.

Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile applications developed using React Native to create native-like speeds & functionality but at a reduced cost & development time compared to native iOS & Android.


I take. look at your systems and processes and create a plan to integrate systems, remove bottlenecks, automate repetitive tasks and organise data to improve performance & provide business insights

Collaboration Not Competition

With nearly 20 years experience in the industry I believe that the agency approach, providing a wide range of service quite well is not the best way forward. Locally we have small businesses who are experts in a narrower fields such as UI/UX, PPC, SEO, Copywritng and much more.

By tapping into my extensive group of contacts I can deliver all you need, either via me managing all aspects with delivery by those experts, or via putting you in direct touch so you deal with them independently. Alternatively, I’m happy to work with your internal existing team as an extra pair of hands and eyes on a project by project basis or in peak periods.

I’ll to work with your preferred method,